Chillan With The Basics 

img_2805I’m here finally with my second shoe blog. The mens wingtip is a “staple” (a basic staple) that should be in every business mans wardrobe. It’s the go to; I call it the wake up and you don’t have to think about it effect. Like the ankle boot in my previous post; the wingtip dress shoe is a structure that has been differentiated through-out high end labels.
The brogue is a style designed in Ireland with perforations to allow the wearer to walk through watery surfaces without allowing the internal structure to become saturated. The modern man is less likely to  encounter such variables in city settings. Today we see sealed perforations to keep out the elements while allowing elegant craftsmanship over the front tips of the shoe.


The label I chose was Cole Haan due to its price point, it wasn’t the bottom of the barrel but it also not Gucci (sad face). Cole Haan calls itself a lifestyle brand that was built around men’s office wear in New York City. Also they sponsored my favorite Russian; tennis star Maria Sharapova. The partnership was a very lucrative business venture (if only wearing flats was cool for guys). The wingtip I chose are the ZeroGrand variety that feature the patent GrandOS technology. Cole offers interactive video to go behind the engineering to keep modern man standing (and looking fly).

Flexibility, breathability,cushioing and superior lightweight design is the takeaway when compared to classic Italian leather shoes that are known for stiffness and lack of flexibility (You can run a marathon to a deadline in these kicks). The shoes are all business (100% leather) on top yet feature a Nike styled sole for an added athletic component  (shoe technology secrets must have been shared when Nike owned part of Cole Haan). Cole Haan has a vast amount of color combinations for great expressive possibilities in the dull business atmosphere. I chose the color bronze medal due to my Olympic obsession at the time (my collection already included gold and silver metallic shoes). These wingtips have proven worthy of an investment due to the ability to keep up with my ever changing life style (serious business to stylish flare for happy hour ). 

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