Let’s Talk About Moschino

                   Moschino is literally my favorite fashion house at the moment. It is run by Jeremy Scott who has married the world’s of pop-art and couture. Moschino’s rise was helped by Jeremy’s celebrity connection’s. Moschino is one of those label’s that was not then was with no in-between. At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Moschino was the label to be seen in. The biker dress worn by Ariana Grande was le piece de resistance and the beginning of my obsession.His first collection featured a Barbie themed runway. Barbie has been a staple in American culture. I myself fell in love with Barbie hanging out with the neighborhood girl’s as a young boy. She was so cool she had the best wardrobe with even better accessorie’s. (From the house to the car to fuck boy Ken you name it Barbie is a baller!) The pink letter gram was blasted across Moschino merchandise. It was very in your face and those are the kind’s of statement’s I like to make with my style. From the entire collection I chose the backpack due to the fact I lacked a backpack structure in my designer handbag collection. Also the backpack is of non cloth fabric which really makes it more durable like all backpack’s should be. It is made of 100% PVC. PVC throws a lot of people off but when I had some dark denim transfer color to the back of the bag during travel I was able to use a cleaner and just wipe off the bag to make it look like new (leather would have required several applications and lots of elbow work). Of my handbags it is the most durable. 

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