These aren’t no boots with the Starps! 

Lee Alexander McQueen born in London established his label in 1992. A relatively new label in an industry ruled by more traditional fashion houses. McQueen’s rise was supernova due to his divergent 3D design.  His asthetic was both bold & eccentric even when compared to the pop art labels of the time. Alexander McQueen’s ascendancy became apparent with the release of the Bad Romance music-video that was so fierce it impacted the world for a period of time. Lady GaGa rocked McQueen head to toe in multiple enviable outfits. The armadillo ankle boots are what truely made me a fan.   McQueen was the first designed to reach new heights. These sky high boots were causing injuries left and right and only the most supermodel of walks could pull it off on runways.(Gisele statues)  I wanted new work shoes or boots for a business atmosphere. I didn’t want something commonly used  (the Chelsea boot or worse the basic Oxford wingtip style.) While scrolling thru the Nordstrom app I found some badass McQueen’s I just had to have. Men’s shoes are either low tops or high tops styles so I was happy to find common ground in an ankle boot that would appear more fashionable.What made the ankle boot appealing was the embellishment of studs along the outer ankle. Buisness appropriate yet a allowable amount of designer flare. The boots feature a slim zipper along the inner ankle for easy access. The boots are made of 100% Italian leather with a leather sole that I love due to its ability to clack with marble at work. That sound of leather hitting marble floors is a sign of power!

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