Marc-Y #MARC

Marc-Y #Marc

            The designer that has produced some of my favorite handbags is Marc Jacobs. He is responsible for producing many unorthodox handbags during his era at Louis Vuitton. His masterpieces that are on my list include the multicolor monogram and the graffiti collection. Now focusing on his own line he has designed some collections that rival his days at Vuitton.

The handbag for this post is a Cobalt Wingman Shopper Tote that has a clasp at the bottom that alters the bags structure. What really caught my eye while scrolling through the Nordstrom app was the amount of ornaments that embellish the handbag. It also features some chains that are actively pieced to engage the owner. I read a review online that the bag made a lot of noise when the knickknacks clinked together. After my fair use of the bag I can say that it is an added bonus. It is a handbag that catches eyes down a hallway and leaves a lasting memory. The bag flashes non-verbal cues that portray the wearer’s self confidence as well as economic standing. Variables to analyze when buying a designer handbag is asking yourself what the handbag says about you?

The color of the bag was also very alluring especially considering I had just done the tips of my hair in cobalt. Cobalt is an exciting color; it is a bridge on the color pallet for blue and purple. That was also important because I did not want to own another blue bag. Blue is apparently my aura color. I own too much of it and always want to strive to color up my life because splashes of color truly add fun to life.

As for the materials used to make the bag I had huge hesitations over the snake print mainly because I’m deathly afraid of reptiles particularly snakes. However there is a difference between alive and dead. There is also a difference between real snakeskin and faux. This handbag is actually a python print stamp on cow leather. I have also always been a fan of animal print dating back to my Jersey Shore style days.

This collection is also the first of the “New” Marc Jacobs as he has now dissolved the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. I’m very thankful for the watered down version being gone. Marc Jacobs has always been one of the elite designers of my time so it is good to see his attention solely on his namesake label.

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