The First


My first designer handbag was a Fendi Baguette. I first came across the bag when watching the sitcom Sex and The City. The bag caught my eye throughout many episodes particularly the episode titled What Goes Around Comes Around in this episode Carrie gets mugged for her purple sequin Baguette! Another episode that cements this bags image is the throw down between Samantha and a Playboy bunny over a beautiful gold baguette in the episode titled Sex and Another City. I didn’t know then that the Fendi Baguette was THE Fendi Baguette I know now. Coming to terms with picking one had to be more thought out due to the fact that this would be my first and dropping that kind of money requires well balanced decisions.

In today’s society we have given non-intrinsic items value. Designer handbags are also classified differently based on exclusivity and variables stretching from human craftsmanship to the bags production process. Vogue published an article that does a pretty good job and labeling the “IT BAG” of the past 10-15 years. When you buy a designer handbag the decision of long term financial stability of the said brand is key! The Fendi Baguette is produced in different colors, patterns and materials every year. They are currently on the super cool trend of monsters. Thus another positive is the bags ability to remain popular thru time. In 2015 Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna remixed the bag.

Its functionality is perfect it works just like a designer handbag should. Depending on color it can be a great day bag or light reflecting cocktail bag. A very important factor when choosing a bag is color. A lot of people tend to stick to cream hues or black. I however believe the handbag is the staple piece of an outfit and needs to flash and say look at this bag! Fendi offers many exotic colors and materials I however; fell in love with one at Neiman Marcus that sparkled in the light. It came in the Zucca print even though I’m not particularly fond of classic monograms. This Baguette however offered a new modern spin on the Fendi interlocking F’s. Made in Italy of glitter mesh in sequin effect using rhinestones. The high level of craftsmanship also requires extreme care. The bag came with three instruction manuals so be sure to read any provided material because when using a handbag you will have to change your life.


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